Costs of dental treatments are increasing day by day, in all the developed countries across the world, but dental treatments can be done at a reasonable cost in India.

At Aura Dental Clinic & Implant Centre, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, patients can get the best possible dental treatments done along with a relaxing vacation.

Dental tourism in India has emerged as a lucrative option due to lower international travel costs as an additive benefit to lower treatment costs. Unlike other medical tourism treatments recovery from the dentist is quick so patients can enjoy their holiday. Patients can avail the benefits of most advanced and world class dental treatments, exceptional service and low prices.

The quality of dental treatment, dental materials we provide at Aura Dental clinic & Implant Centre, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, is at par with any top-class dental clinic in the world. We are following international treatment standards and sterilisation protocols. 

Estimated stay duration:

Dental implant surgery: 3-10 days
Crowns & Bridges: 3-7 days
Veneers: 3-7 days
Clear Aligner: 2-7 days
Root canal Treatment: 2-5 days
Teeth whitening: 1 hour per session
Composite Filling: 30 Minutes per filling

How does our patient proceed with the dental tourism?

The best way forward for any patient is to first contact us. We will keep an e-consult, wherein we will ask you about the dental complaint and your past medical history. Based on the assessment we might tell you to get an x-ray done (OPG/CBCT).

After a thorough examination of your x-ray, we will provide you a list of the following things:

Treatment options.
Price of different treatments offered.
Time required for the said procedures.
An approximation of the stay duration.

Based on the information we can plan your dental visit to India