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Aura Dental Clinic


Prevention is better than cure The first line of defence for the doctors as well as the patients is to limit the exposure to any kind of disease. Considering the recent increase in covid cases we follow these protocols for maximum safety:
  1. We tell all our patients to call and take an appointment even if it’s just for a general check-up. The patient is asked about his/her general health and exposure to covid patients if any. This way we can be prepared to face and limit any kind of exposure for our safety and the safety of other patients as well.
  2. We keep a 10–15-minute gap between each procedure so that we can sanitise the clinic and be ready for the next patient. We also motivate our patients to stick to the appointment they have taken for the convenience of all.
  3. We have a SHARP-J80 Medical Grade heavy-duty air purifier for our cabin which constantly cleans the air off all viruses, bacteria, fungi and allergens.
  4. We have top notch sanitisation and disinfection equipment.

Personal protection for Doctor and Patient

The entire team at Aura Dental Clinic will have the following personal protective equipment:

Double masking N95 + 3 Ply
Sterilized Autoclavable Surgical Gown
Gloves and Head cap
Face Shield for Aerosol procedures

Temperature checks and hand sanitization as soon as the patient enters our clinic is mandatory.

We request all our patients to come alone unless they are minors or there is a surgical procedure.


Maintaining Hygiene is a habit we had inculcated in our practice since day one. Our clinic is regularly cleaned and the floors are disinfected two times daily. Disinfection of all the clinic surfaces after the patient leaves is mandatory. 

Aerosol removal and air purifying with the help of our Sharp air purifier having medical grade HEPA filter.

UV light disinfection after every procedure.

Mouth rinsing using 0.2% Povidone Iodine solution prior to treatment.

Responsible Bio Medical Waste disposal.

Periodic Clinical Audits ensuring 100% compliance of standards & protocols.

Periodic Clinic Fumigation.