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Why Choose a Prosthodontist?

A Prosthodontist has been rigorously trained to keep all parameters in mind so as to provide the patient with a very harmonious prosthesis.
A successful crown doesn’t just depend on the material being used, but more so, on the health of remaining tooth. One can get the best warranty crown available at that time but if the tooth is not healthy enough to support the crown it will be of no use. A prosthodontist will evaluate all parameters and then give a treatment plan.

We at Aura Dental Clinic & Implant Centre take every impossible case as a challenge and try to give the best possible treatment to our patients.

We have given a detailed discussion of a few cases so do check it out. The cases have been presented with challenging problems and the explanation provides why and how the treatment was done.

Our motto is very simple “Honesty today is better than an excuse tomorrow”.

Its been very frequently seen that patients are being given false hopes and eventually when the treatment doesn’t meet the expectations the patient becomes negative towards the entire science of dentistry.