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First Dental Visit


First Dental visit of any patient is of utmost importance. It will be forever etched in our patients memory. We can broadly divide it into three types of visits to make it easier to understand what can be expected.

First Dental Visit of your child:


The first dental visit of any child upto the age of 8 years will mostly be purely diagnostic and informative. It will consist of dental screening, dental education and motivation.

We at Aura Dental Clinic & Implant Centre are very well equipped for handling kids.

First Dental Visit of a teenager/ young adult:

The first dental visit of a teenager/ young adult will be consisting of diagnosis and planning as well as a clean up of the teeth if there is a lot of plaque/calculus.

The diagnosis will be done keeping orthodontic treatment in mind.

First Dental Visit after a bad experience:

First dental visit after a bad experience can be tough as it will bring back all the bad memories. We would like you to inform us if you have had a bad experience so that we can counsel you in the best way possible.

We at Aura Dental Clinic & Implant centre can assure you that all our dental procedures are absolutely painless.