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Oral Cancer

With the increasing incidence of oral cancer in India, especially in Gujarat, there is an extreme need to spread awareness to the masses. We at Aura dental clinic are seeing pre-cancerous lesions at an alarmingly increased rate.

Before talking about treatment, let us discuss some important points on how a patient can evaluate their own oral cavity:


  • Oral cancer incidence increases multiple fold with the usage of tobacco (all tobacco related products like areca nut chewing, smoking etc) and alcohol. The combined effect of tobacco chewing/smoking and alcohol is even deadlier.
  • Pre-cancerous lesion- Very recent inability to open the mouth fully, whitish lesions in the oral cavity lasting more than a month, non-healing ulcers lasting more than a month, sudden swelling in or around oral cavity, prolonged undiagnosed pain in the jaw.
  • Cancerous lesions can also arise from long standing irritation due to any tooth or removable denture.

Treatment for any cancer will involve two protocols:

Surgical: The cancer with a 1cm healthy tissue margin will be removed. As cancer doesn’t respect any boundaries, one could lose any important organ which can be in the line of surgery.

Radiation: it can be pre/post-surgical depending on the type of cancer.

Maxillo-Facial Prosthesis

Maxillo-Facial prosthesis deals with restoring the oral as well as facial structures with artificial prosthesis. Our body is made in such a way that many times surgery can only go so far. We at Aura Dental Clinic & Implant Centre are adept at dealing with all kinds of maxilla-facial prosthesis. These kinds of prosthesis also include fabrication of artificial eye/ear/fingers.

Oral Cysts

Oral cysts are more commonly seen with longstanding unerupted or impacted teeth. They are generally noticed in young adults. It is of utmost importance to get the cysts removed as early as possible because sometimes the cysts can become cancerous. The most common cysts are seen with third molars which often do not erupt.

Maxillary Obturator