Dental Examination and Diagnosis

Dental Examination

Routine dental appointments are essential to maintain good oral health and adequate hygiene. A standard dental check-up at Aura Dental Clinic & Implant Centre is carried out by an experienced, expert diagnostician and is the best way to detect and treat any problems before they become serious. Both adults and children require routine dental appointments on a regular basis because preventative dentistry is the key to keeping your mouth healthy. “prevention is better than cure”

Routine dental appointments are usually carried out every six months. Some patients may require more frequent visits, while others may need to come into the practice less often – your dentist, after a thorough check up, will advise you on how often you need a regular check-up.

What happens at a routine dental check-up?
If it is your first appointment at the practice, your dentist will take a full dental and medical history. They will also:

Thoroughly examine your teeth, gums and mouth.
Take X-rays if necessary.
Discuss any dental problems you may have had since your last visit
Discuss general health and dietary issues that can affect your teeth and gums – such as alcohol consumption or smoking.
Discuss your teeth-cleaning habits, such as brushing technique, and recommend any improvements such as interdental brushes or flossing as required.
Explain any further treatment you may need, such as fillings, root canal treatment.
Provide you with a full treatment plan.
Answer any questions you may have regarding your treatment and what options are available.
If you require no other treatment, your dentist will let you know when you should come for your next routine check-up.

Oral Cancer Screening

Studies show that mouth cancer is on the increase and that early detection dramatically improves the chances of recovery. Gujarat has the highest number of oral cancer cases in India due to widespread use of tobacco. Mouth cancer screening is a simple procedure performed at a dental practice that involves the following:

A detailed analysis of your oral health history to determine any risk factors that you might have.
A thorough examination of the outside of your mouth, head and neck by observation and touch.
A thorough internal examination of your mouth, including the inside of your cheeks and under your tongue.
Any inconclusive findings will be referred to a specialist consultant.

It is recommended that you come in for a screening on a yearly basis. If you have any sores, lumps or long-term ulcers in your mouth, no matter how small, it is very important that you come in to have it looked at. Because smoking is strongly linked with many forms of cancer and other dental problems, we always encourage our patients to quit smoking.


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